New MSSecure.XML Version 2005.06.14.0 Now Available

Doug Neal [MSFT]
07-09-2005, 11:54 PM
MSSECURE.XML Data Version 2005.06.14.0 (for use by MBSA 1.2 and SMS SUS
Feature Pack) was last modified today, June 14, 2005, and is now available
for all supported languages (English, French, German and Japanese). Today's
release contains 10 new bulletins, 7 of which are fully supported by MBSA.
There are also 3 re-releases for previously released bulletins listed below:

June Re-releases
1) MS02-035 (SQL Tool re-release) - there are no vulnerable files to
identify, so there is no automated detection for this item. This will
appear in MBSA as an MBSA Note Message as it did with the original release
(see MS02-035 and KB306460 for details)
2) MS05-004 (ASP .Net re-release) - not supported by MBSA, but supported by
February edition of the EST Tool.
3) MS05-019 (TCP re-release)- this patch replaces the original MS05-019
release. Only the patch in today's release is sufficient to resolve this
vulnerability; neither the original patch nor the subsequent hot-fix are
sufficient to resolve this issue.

New June Bulletins
4) MS05-025 (IE Cumulative) - Supersedes MS05-020 for all matching instances
(W2003 SP1 is not superseded).
5) MS05-026 (HTML Help) - Supersedes MS05-001, MS04-023 and MS03-044 in all
cases; does NOT replace MS02-055 even though files appear similar due to an
ACL change that is not present in future updates.
6) MS05-027 (SRV.SYS) - Supersedes MS03-024 for all instances; supersedes
MS02-070 for WinXP SP1 instance only.
7) MS05-028 (Web Client)
8) MS05-029 (Exchange 5.5) - Support for all Exchange 5.5 SP4 instances
except when Exchange OWA is configured as a standalone IIS application that
links to an Exchange installation on another server. For this case, EST
must be used (see below)
9) MS05-030 (Outlook Express) - not supported by MBSA. Supported by June
EST tool (see below).
10) MS05-031 (MS Interactive Training) - not supported by MBSA. Supported
by June EST tool (see below).
11) MS05-032 (MSAgent)
12) MS05-033 (Telnet) - Windows Telnet instances detected by MBSA. Services
for UNIX instances of Telnet require June EST tool (see below)
13) MS05-034 (ISA Server 2000) - not supported by MBSA. Supported by June
EST tool (see below).


There are a number of technical issues with today's release that may be
valuable to enterprise administrators:

MSXML 3.0 SP5 and SP7: For customers with MSXML 3.0 SP7 (present on Windows
Server 2003 SP1 or installed with SQL Server 2000 SP4) or MSXML 3.0 SP5 -
both are now considered acceptable versions for the 'latest service pack'
warning in MBSA. This resolves a previous warning that reported "MSXML 3.0
SP7 is installed, SP5 is the latest available service pack for this

MS05-012 (OLE) and KB894391: MBSA would report a 'greater than expected'
warning if the post MS05-012 hot-fix was applied. This has been fixed.

MS05-009 (WMP9) and KB892313: MBSA would report a 'greater than expected'
warning if the post MS05-009 hot-fix was applied. This has been fixed.


What is the Enterprise Update Scanning Tool (EST)?
As part of an ongoing commitment to provide detection tools for complex
updates for bulletin-class issues that are not supported by MBSA, a
stand-alone tool may be provided for certain bulletins. Microsoft will
evaluate the detection and deployment complexity of each bulletin, and
provide detection support based on the specifics of each release. When a
detection tool is created for a specific bulletin, customers will be able to
script running the tool from a command line interface, and process the
results using an XML output file. Detailed documentation will be provided
with the tool to ensure customers can leverage it quickly. See the
following link for details

Additional detection for the 4 bulletins (Services for UNIX instance of
Telnet, Outlook Express, Interactive Training, ISA Server 2000) not fully
supported by MBSA can be obtained by downloading the June edition of the
Enterprise Scan Tool (EST) located at the link above.


Doug Neal [MSFT]

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New MSSecure.XML Version 2005.06.14.0 Now Available