Solution for securing VPN/RAS using 2-factor SMS Authentication

Joshua Lim
07-09-2005, 11:53 PM
Hi Everyone,

I've developed an IAS plugin, 'MobileKey', that provides 2-Factor
Authentication (via SMS) for VPN/RAS networks using Microsoft IAS
(Win2k/Win2k3) as RADIUS server.

Two authentication modes are supported - Windows password plus SMS
access code, and Challenge Password plus SMS access code. Delivering
access code by SMS secures the VPN against key-press capture spyware
and trojans residing on the client PC.

'MobileKey' is database driven/secured and can comfortably authenticate
up to 50,000 users a day with an SMPP connectivity to an SMSC.

I'm now looking for beta testers for this plugin to test out on ISA
Server and other VPN/RAS equipment, as well as partners interested in
reselling this kind of solution out of the box, customized or OEM.

'MobileKey' offers unbeatable value for deployments exceeding 30 VPN
users as no hardware key is required - your mobilephone is your key

Here's some preliminary information:-

SMS Gateway used - VisualGSM Enterprise Server

IAS Plugin Windows Installer with Help file

SMS delivery mode - GSM or SMPP 3.3/3.4

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Joshua Lim
Visualtron Software

Solution for securing VPN/RAS using 2-factor SMS Authentication