Problem with outlook encription

Davor Perat
07-09-2005, 11:52 PM

I am using Outlook 2003 SP1 + Post SP1 rollup -> Exchange 2003+SP1. Here is
the problem - since I and a few other users have renewed our digital
certificates, we are unable to send or read encripted messages to some of
us. When I try to send encrypted message to "UserA", I get error "Microsoft
Outlook had problems encrypting this message because the following
recepients had missing or invalid certificates, or conflicting or
unsupported encryption capabilities". Howeveer when I send message to UserB,
everything works fine.

Also, when I get encrypted mail from UserA, I am unable to open it, and get
error message "Your digital id name can not be found by the underlying
security system".

I suspect it has something to do with expired certificates. I have published
all renewed certificates to GAL, and deleted them from "Other people"
certificate store on users workstations. When i look at the "published
certificates" property on AD user account, only new certificates are

I have tryed using hotfix from article, but it did not help. Any ideas?


Problem with outlook encription