RE: W2K3 RRAS P2P Tunnel w/ 3rd Party Appliances

07-09-2005, 11:51 PM
Hi Jeff,

We are a small-mid size business and have used Trendware TW100-BRV204 V2 vpn
routers to connect several locations around the world. They are cheap - $80
Canadian, hard to find (try TigerDirect). However, these are the most
incredible, flexible devices we've ever found for this application.

The lastest V2 of this product includes all VPN protocols including 3DES,
AES and a Microsoft VPN server. We have successfully connected these devices
to each other, to a CISCO Pix firewall, to clients using windows IPsec
client, and using Windows VPN client.

Check them out - amazing deal and incredible functionality!

Cheers, Rich

"MCSEGURU" wrote:

> Can anyone provide success stories, or recommendation with regard to setting
> up a Point to Point VPN Tunnel Solution with 3rd Party SOHO products at WAN
> sites back to a Windows 2003 Server running RRAS as the VPN Host Server?
> Thanks, Jeff

RE: W2K3 RRAS P2P Tunnel w/ 3rd Party Appliances