Re: Window update error 0x80245003. What is it? How to fix?

07-09-2005, 10:35 PM
"MowGreen [MVP]" wrote:

> From a post by Pat Walters, MSFT :
> " The error you list translates
> to: "The RedirectorID in the downloaded is smaller than the
> cached cab. Try this:
> 1. Close all Command Prompt windows and all Internet browsers
> 2. Click Start
> 3. Click Search
> 4. Click "All Files and Folders"
> 5. Copy and paste the following into the "A word or phrase in the file:"
> field:;
> 6. Using the pull-down menu, select only the drive letter where the WINDOWS
> directory resides.
> a. If you may not know where that is, click Start
> b. Click Run
> c. Type: %windir%
> d. Click OK. A window will open with an address field near the top.
> If it says: "D:\WINDOWS," then D: is the drive letter. If instead it says:
> "C:\WINNT," then C: is the drive letter.
> 7. Click "More Advanced Options" and make sure the top 3 boxes are checked
> 8. Click Search
> 9. When you find the results, select every instance of these files in the
> windows\system32\dllcache folder and delete them, but LEAVE the ones that
> are in the system32 folder.
> 10. Repeat step 9, but select instances of files ANYWHERE outside the
> system32 folder, and delete them.
> 11. Finally, select any matching instances of files in the system32 folder,
> and delete them.
> 12. Close the Search window
> 13. Click Start
> 14. Click Run
> 15. Type: services.msc and click OK
> 16. Make sure that the following two services are started, by
> double-clicking on each of them.
> a. Automatic Updates
> b. Background Intelligent Transfer Service
> c. If either of them are not started, click the Start button.
> 17. Verify they are started before leaving the Services window.
> 18. Open one single Internet Explorer window.
> 19. In the Internet Explorer window, click Tools, then Windows Update
> 20. When the browser reaches the Windows Update website is reached, see if
> the site offers to download the newest software to your system. We'll
> assume it does.
> 21. Try to install just one update, by clicking "Custom Install"
> 22. Click Review and Install Updates
> 23. Uncheck all but one update, so that we can narrow down the problem.
> 24. Look down at your system clock and note the time. Click Install
> 25. If it succeeds, great! Reply back and let us know! If it fails, move
> to the next step.
> 26. Click Start
> 27. Click Run
> 28. Type: %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log (notice no space between windows and
> update)
> 29. Scroll down through the log to the time you noted in step 24.
> 30. Starting at this time, click and drag down and to the right, selecting
> everything to the end of the log from this time.
> 31. Copy the selected text
> 32. Reply back to this posting.
> 33. Tell us which update you were attempting to install, and where it
> failed.
> 34. Paste the copied text into the post, and Send it to us.
> Sincerely,
> Pat Walters [MSFT] "
> MowGreen [MVP 2004-2005]
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> Leonid A. Kharchenko wrote:
> > I'm do "repair install" from my WinXP SP2 disk (without hotfixes) above
> > installed WinXP SP2 with all hotfixses and updates. Now Windows Update
> > doesn't work with 0x80245003 error on page. Automatic Updates no work too.


I had experienced the same problems, but couldn't find any files containing
the phrase mentioned above.
Finally I could fix the problem by simply deleting every instance of the
cab-files and

Johannes Fitz

Re: Window update error 0x80245003. What is it? How to fix?