Re: 0x800a0046 Windows Update Error

Robert Aldwinckle
07-09-2005, 11:35 PM
"Peter Lapic" <> wrote in message
> If you can suggest a possible solution that has worked please append it to the end of the list.

Try a search? Others have posted other solutions which aren't
included in MSKB articles yet but fortunately many are recorded
in threads which people who sign with MVP or MSFT were participating.

For example:,a28fceee53cac019,da6a15760917bfbb,a59e4ed9b81a4971,59f6095a96268fa4,24a1b2cd2a1241c3,e646107d5c5f17d7?hl=en&thread_id=52b2f158c91fce92&view=thread&noheader=1&q=800A0046+OR+0x800A0046++MSFT+OR+MVP+group:microsoft.*.windowsupdate&_done=%2Fgroup%2Fmicrosoft.public.windowsupdate%2Fbrowse_frm%2Fthread%2F52b2f158c91fce92%2Fe646107d5c5f17d7%3Fq%3D800A0046+OR+0x800A0046++MSFT+OR+MVP+group:microsoft.*.windowsupdate%26rnum%3D4%26hl%3Den%26#doc_e646107d5c5f17d7

(Google Groups search for
800A0046 OR 0x800A0046 MSFT OR MVP group:microsoft.*.windowsupdate

In addition although the rating system on the web interface to
newsgroups is often not being used as well as it could,
in this particular case you can use either the "Answered Questions"
or the "Threads with helpful posts" filters to see even more
possible solutions for your symptom.

(Web interface search for
- filtered by Show: Threads with helpful posts


Robert Aldwinckle

Re: 0x800a0046 Windows Update Error