Re: OE newsgroup synchronize gets too many headers

Paul Hirose
07-09-2005, 10:21 PM
"Robert Aldwinckle" <> wrote in message
> The first thing you need to do then is just enter the newsgroup
> while online.
> That will download (implicitly) just the 300 latest headers.

Sorry about the delay replying. I set my response aside in the Drafts
folder and never got around to finishing it.

I've quit using Synchronize. Now I just enter the newsgroups one at a
time, as you recommended. I had mistakenly thought Synchronize works
like opening the news server in my old Netscape 4.78. That causes
Netscape to get the new headers (up to any desired max number) for all
my groups on that server. It's convenient because the download is
consolidated into a single time block. I can walk away for a couple
minutes and take a restroom break or whatever. When doing one group at
time, some of my groups take long enough to be annoying, but not long
enough to do anything useful while I wait.

On the other hand, Netscape has its own annoyances, so for now I'm
using OE.

Paul Hirose <>
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Re: OE newsgroup synchronize gets too many headers