Re: e-mail links don't work

Robert Aldwinckle
07-09-2005, 10:20 PM
> This will fix this problems 99% of the time.

Only when you guess the OP OS correctly
or don't have to tell them about setupwbv.dll <eg>
(Ref. KB194177.)

For NT5x (or WinME) see also the regsvr32 commands
listed under KB831429

For XPsp2 try its iexplore.exe /rereg option (Ref. KB870700)

For any version of Windows this may be sufficient: Run...

regsvr32 /i shdocvw.dll

BTW if you would like to see how the latter command works
try monitoring it with RegMon, e.g. filtering with regsvr32
and highlighting with SetValue.


Robert Aldwinckle

"Unicorn" <> wrote in message
> "June Frost" <June> wrote in message
>> When I click on a link within an e-mail, nothing happens. I do have
> spyware
>> software loaded and have looked throughout it's options and setups but can
>> find nothing to select that has anything to do with network links within
>> e-mails. Have you had this problem? If so, how did you over come it? Thank
>> you for any help you offer.
> June, go to the Add/Remove programs and start the Remove programs option for
> internet explorer. A box will appear asking if you want to remove or
> repair. Click repair and let the setup program reset the default settings
> in the registry. This will fix this problems 99% of the time.
> Matt

Re: e-mail links don't work