Re: Trouble starting outlook express 6

Kuay Tim
07-09-2005, 10:19 PM
You're welcome, Jimbo.

Tim K.
aka Kuay Tim
Lynnwood, WA
"Jimbo" <> wrote in message
Hi Tim K.,

Thanks very much for your help, OE's now back up and running...


"Kuay Tim" wrote:

> Hi Jimbo,
> The error (0x800C013A) indicates that one of the default message store
> files is damaged. My records do not include the error ending with the
> letter
> "A." However, the second error (MSOE.DLL) usually means the default file
> "Folders.dbx" is damaged. Instead of replacing the Folders.dbx file you
> could try moving every good message file in the Inbox to a new folder.
> Select all and move to the new folder. Then the Inbox.dbx file could be
> renamed or deleted. A new empty Inbox will be created when OE starts.
> First close Outlook Express.
> Rename the Folders.dbx file:

Re: Trouble starting outlook express 6