Re: Confirm File Rename

07-09-2005, 10:10 PM
Ronnie Vernon MVP Wrote:
> Iain Milligan wrote:
> Can anyone tell me how to stop XP asking me if I want
> to 'Confirm File Rename' when I am renaming files. I have
> managed to stop it asking me about deleting files, butam
> stumped on how to switch off 'confirm file rename'.
> The only time you should see this confirm dialog is when you rename a
> files
> extension. This appears to be hard coded and cannot be changed.
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> Ronnie Vernon
> Microsoft MVP
> Windows Shell/User
> Please reply to the newsgroup so all may benefit.

XP keeps asking you to confirm renaming only because the files you
want to rename are "read-only" files, and are normally not allowed to
be modified. All you have to do is:
--> choose all files (ctrl+a)
--> right click
--> choose properties
--> and un-tick the "read-only" box

the "Confirm Rename File" window will not appear for normal files.

Good luck! :)


Re: Confirm File Rename