Why MSFT NGs accessed via web site *slow*

Chad Harris
07-09-2005, 11:04 PM
I don't think this matters for the answer to this question but I'm on a Win
XP SP2 box and IE works well on it--all pages load with the exception of the
very difficult to solve and refractory to all MVP site suggestions I've
tried Red X problem--including many tweaks and defaults to IE settings on
the Security tab. But Red X isn't my focus with this questoin.

I posted this in a public group on a new application being introduced with
several MSFT personnel in their regularly and no one answered. I posted in
the microsoft.public.news.server group which has a handful of messages even
when all are downloaded and no repsonse.

This is an IE issue possibly in part, so I hoped I would have luck here.

Why in the world is the MSFT web based html server/U for newsgroups I so
horrendously slow to load their pages when thousands of other
www.microsoft.com pages are not??? My browser is working great.

I mean those accessed here:


These links, of course would allow me to refer to public newsgroups via the
web interface but people will find them slower than a snail with no legs.

This is an issue for me when I want to refer people on an XP help chat
orother forum to a newsgroup. I can link them to the above groups or more
of them. Many of these people have no idea what MSFTPublic newsgroups are
which is why I useed that. I have started linking them to the group using a
google group search say for
microsoft.public.windows.inetexplorer.ie6.browser or whichever MSFT public

Say they want MCE info. There are 3 English MCE MSFT PublicNGs but they
won't know what their choices are even if they search the *webbased UI and
it's pages are slow as mollasses to load and it's markedly
inconvenient to use compared with an NNTP news reader.*

I can link them to instructions for configuring OE to read NNTP news, but
many won't use it or will have trouble doing it despite its relative ease.

Why with all the technology at MSFT 's fingertips in the 3rd Decade of MSFT
with X64 and Longhorn emerging is MSFT not able to improve the speed of page
loading on the web based UI? What precisely makes it so slow and what could
be done to fix this and why has MSFT who surely must notice this not tried
to fix it?

I would very much like to understand the mechanism as to why NNTP is so much
faster with much more functionality than the awfully inconvienient web
interface. If you look at MSFT web pages at all the Office, XP, Server
pages, you will quickly see that the vast majority of links encourage people
to access the inferior web interface and do little to encourage them to use
an NNTP reader.

The vast majority of people who don't know about the newsgroups in the first
place don't understand what an NNTP reader is and that one modality of
accessis Outlook Express that ships with a Windows OS.

I think MSFT could do a real service for the great learning opportunity
presented via the NGs to either fix the
interface via the web that is so slow or put links with clear directions
forconfiguring OE to read and download newsgroups. A high percent of the
same population of people who don't know about NNTP news readers, also don't
know the MSKB exists or much about the deep help on MSFT's site and don't
use it unfortunately.

This would be a great opportunity for MSFTto introduce those people to these
valuable resources that are currently being missed by huge numbers of them.

Best regards,

Chad Harris

Why MSFT NGs accessed via web site *slow*