Re: I can't download drivers

Jon Kennedy
07-09-2005, 11:03 PM
When you say you can't download drivers - are these .exe files? Can you
download other .exe files from other sites? Are you clicking on the link,
or can you right click and choose Save Target As? Are these drivers coming
from an FTP site?

This may not be related, but WU has this issue when downloading and
installing drivers:

Cannot install driver updates from the Windows Update Web site;en-us;814033
Check the folder mentioned for zero-byte files.

If you are using a system that is behind a firewall or proxy server, you may
want to also contact your system administrator or ISP to see if there are
any filters or restrictions on downloading files through the
proxy or firewall.

Jon R. Kennedy
Charlotte, NC, USA

"Rojo" <> wrote in message
> Doesn't anybody have an idea for me that is applicable to my problem?

Re: I can't download drivers