Re: epen/AOL8/IE6

Robert Aldwinckle
07-09-2005, 11:03 PM
"UK Rob" <> wrote in message
> Operating system: 98SE; IE6; AOL8
> For the second year running, I am labouring with the same problem.

Are you aware that there is an AOL9? <eg>
Perhaps your problem would be solved if you switched to it?

(posted link found indirectly via Google web search for:
aol9 internet explorer connection


> Last Summer, I began online examination marking. This involves installing an epen
> disk and then accessing the secure epen website where marking can be done.
> For three weeks, I tried to access the site in Explorer and all I got was the
> 'Page cannot be displayed' message. I could get to the page in the AOL8
> browser, get to the welcome screen, enter my password and then go to the
> options screen, but as soon as I tried to mark, an error was reported and I
> was taken back to the log-in screen. My password was accepted, but the AOL
> browser would not allow me to mark and the IE screen was forever blank. After
> 52 hours on the helpline and an engineer visit, I was told that no solution
> could be found. However, a few days later, a fix was found. It involved
> signing into a Citrix MetaFrame XPlogin set-up and I was able to get marking
> and complete it. This year, the CD has arrived again and epen installed. I
> had stupidly imagined that all problems would have been fixed, but here we go
> again. I am completely unable to access the IE page and again, I can sign on
> in AOL before chaos reigns. This is the only access problem I have ever had
> with my computer-just this one secure site. The helpline has new guys and
> they haven't a clue how to help me and haven't heard of the Citrix fix from
> last year. The engineer who came last year said the issue was affecting a
> large number of AOL and Freeserve clients. Does anyone have any idea about
> what is causing this headache? I would cherish any positive suggestions. Many
> thanks in advance. Rob

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