Microsoft Office 12 in 2006

07-09-2005, 11:03 PM
Microsoft is planning to release its latest version of Office, which it
is referring to as 'Office 12' in 2006. The new release will offer
enhancements in areas such as workflow capabilities, rights management,
advanced scheduling, document sharing and business intelligence.

According to Bill Gates, chairman, Microsoft, these are the areas where
the new Office software has improved and will be visible in the next

The company has not provided details on its production plans of the
latest version of Office, except to a few customers who buy upgrade
rights ahead of time, under non-disclosure agreement.

With Office 12, Microsoft is planning to release more server products
designed for workgroup collaboration.

The company had originally planned to ship Office 12 along with the
next version of Windows Longhorn.

The Office release is now likely to come before the new Windows
version, which Microsoft said will be available around late 2006.

Office 97 accounts for 30 per cent of the customer base according to
analysts and Microsoft has a tough job to convince customers to switch
to a later version when they can get the job done with a previous one.

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Peter Foldes
07-09-2005, 11:03 PM
Golly How many groups have you posted this to


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> Tuesday, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates shined some light on the arrival

Microsoft Office 12 in 2006