Re: Issue with IE 6 on XP Home SP2.

Robert Aldwinckle
07-09-2005, 11:03 PM
"Matt L." <> wrote in message
> The real issue is the "page cannot be displayed" message.

Then it is probably a DNS problem.

A regular packet trace (e.g., using netcap or Ethereal)
would show you the circumstances of the error message,
e.g. no response to a DNS lookup request.

You could try to moderate the cause by adding a lookup entry
for the problem site in your HOSTS file.

Alternatively you could test if there is any statistical difference
by pre-loading that lookup using a ping -n 1. Doing it for that
allows you to see it occur in a cmd window as would a manual
lookup using nslookup. At the same time some of the DNS
records would be kept for a while in the dnscache which might
make less problematic the lookup request that IE would have to do.

Good luck


Re: Issue with IE 6 on XP Home SP2.