IE6 Opens in DOS Window then does nothing

07-09-2005, 11:03 PM
IE doesn't seem to work. I get a window pop up as it is trying to open in
DOS. I have tried the instructions online, where you edit your registry.
However it doesn't say what to do for IE6 and I have a file called
IsInstallled as opposed to what is stated on the help page.

I run AOL and they are trying to give me a modem driver update for
broadband, which of course falls over as it can't find IE.

IE doesn't appear in the list of programs to be added or removed, so I can't
repair it. Although the program does appear in the folder where it should
be, but its icon isn't the usual E, its the icon you get when you don't have
a program capable of opening it.

I have tried to reinstall it, but the system says a more uptodate version

Any help would be useful for this, its drivig me mad

IE6 Opens in DOS Window then does nothing