Re: AddFavorite Method doesn't work like AddFavorite Dialog or CTRL-D handling Shortcut ICONs

Jon Kennedy
07-09-2005, 11:02 PM
See this site for possible helpful info:


Use this form here for feedback on any MS product:;en;1214&showpage=1&WS=Wish


Jon R. Kennedy
Charlotte, NC, USA

"Mel in Roseville" <mel55113 "at" isd "dot" net> wrote in message
>I would expect the AddFavorite Method to produce the same results as the
>Favorites->Add to Favorites dialog does regarding the handling of shortcut
>icons, i.e., following the <LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON"
>REF="http://somesite/somename.ico"> directive. I tried to use this to
>associate a couple of different shortcut icons to different pages within
>the same site. Here's what I found:
> * If I use the AddFavorite method (via Javascript) it will add the
> favorite but IE then only looks for a file named favicon.ico in the site's
> root directory. It ignores the LINK directive. This is the route that
> I'd like to have working since it's the simplest for most of my users and
> it allows them to select where (which folder) the shortcut is created.
> * Netscape, using CTRL-D keystroke, works as I would expect; it follows
> the LINK directive.
> * IE works properly if I use the Favorites->Add to Favorites... dialog,
> i.e., manually entering the dialog from the menu bar.
> * <Drum roll please> IE works properly if I add the favorite like I would
> in Netscape, i.e., CTRL-D. This appears to be a poorly documented feature
> of IE.
> Does anyone know how to get the method to work as expected via Javascript?
> Alternatively, does anyone know how to get Microsoft to address this
> inconsistency?
> TIA,
> Mel

Mel in Roseville
07-09-2005, 11:03 PM

The first link you provided is the one where I got most of my information
about using AddFavorite. is one of the sites I visited trying
to find a solution to the problem. I didn't find anyone describing the
problem I've been seeing. In fact I've used the Icon Validator at trying to resolve this problem
and it says everything is fine and finds my icons. The only thing that
doesn't work as expected is the AddFavorite method from Javascript.

I will be using the link you provided to let Microsoft know about this

Thanks for your assistance,

Re: AddFavorite Method doesn't work like AddFavorite Dialog or CTRL-D handling Shortcut ICONs