WMP 9 seek problems with WMV files?

07-09-2005, 10:59 PM
Just upgraded from WMP 8 to WMP 9 and some WMV files I have don't seek
properly anymore?

Using Win XP Pro SP1 with all current windows updates.

When I drag the seek bar to where I want it the video stops but the
audio continues. Stopping or pausing does not resolve the issue and
renders the file unplayable, so I have to quit WMP 9 and load the file
again but not use the seek bar!

These files worked perfectly well under WMP 8 as I could seek anywhere
in the video and it would play. I tried the WMV9 Codec pack but to no

Anybody have any solution please?

I have system restore OFF so can't go back to WMP 8 without
re-installing XP, unless there is a way to reinstall WMP 8?

WMP 9 seek problems with WMV files?