Runtime Error using Windows Movie Maker.

07-09-2005, 10:59 PM
I've been trying to use Windows Movie Maker 2 in the past to put videos I
editted back on to my Sony Digital8 and then to a VCR tape. But last week my
harddrive went haywire and had to replace it. Fixed up my computer just like
it was before.

I upload videos from my Sony TVR250 using Pixela Imagemixer (came with my
camcorder). Now after I edit my videos and try to put it back onto my
camcorder it just hangs at 9 minutes (creating video). When I close Movie
Maker and try to re-open it I get this:

Microsoft Visual C++Runtime Library
Program C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\moviemk.exe

-pure virtual function call

Then I have no choice but to click on "OK"

Any ideas why I MM freezes at 9 minutes and why I cannot put videos back
onto my camcorder?

Runtime Error using Windows Movie Maker.