Scratchy sound XP Home & Creative

07-09-2005, 10:59 PM
Recently I have upgraded my husband's system with an MSI (MS6378)
motherboard, an Athlon 1900+ XP CPU and 1GB of RAM. He's using his
existing hard drives (with a fresh install of XP Home), CD and DVD
drives, 3Com Ethernet PCI card and Creative Soundblaster Live Platinum
card with LiveDrive.

Since the installation the sound from the soundcard is very
distorted...screeching and scratchy...when playing music (mp3's, waves
and when using SoundForge etc...) and we have tried everything we can
think of to fix it. Being a sound engineer it's imperative to him that
the sound isn't distorted in any way.

We've changed PCI slots, installed upgraded drivers (from the Creative
site), changed IRQ settings in the BIOS and uninstalled and reinstalled
the card and all the drivers, all to no avail. The onboard sound isn't
causing a conflict as the drivers haven't been installed and it's been
disabled in the BIOS. We've also checked for an updated version of BIOS
from the MSI site and tried a PCI Latency patch. We've tried using just
Windows XP drivers, also KX Project drivers (from a third party site)
and have made sure the speakers and cables are not damaged!

I used to have the MSI (with VIA chipset) motherboard installed on my
old computer and used a SoundBlaster Live card with no problems and
have run out of ideas now. Can anyone please help before we end up
putting everything back onto his very ancient (and very slow!) Jetway
motherboard! :confused:


Scratchy sound XP Home & Creative