Re: Jerky Video Files

07-09-2005, 10:59 PM
I also have this problem!

After a new install from XP home to Pro I have seen all my video files
suffer in this flickering type effect across the screen!

From previously being able to view my video files in full screen mode
it is now not possible and the resolution has got be kept minimum to
prevent as much flickering as possible.

All virus scans, spyware, defrag suggested has been done, but still no

Please someone help me out there?!

Hal(nospam)Murray Wrote:
> Cari (MS-MVP) wrote:
> -
> What software are you running in the background on your XP PC?-
> As little as possible. Just the usual stuff XP loads-
> When was the last time you did a complete scan of you drive(s) with
> your
> antivirus software with updated signatures?-
> yesterday-
> When was the last time you checked for Trojans and Spyware?-
> Yesterday-
> When was the last time you ran Disk Cleanup and Disk Defrag?-
> Last week


07-09-2005, 10:59 PM
Snip[/QUOTE Wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> We need to know a few things; the capability of your computers, ie
> integrated graphics or video card type & driver version, processing
> power, XP SP1 or SP2, what version of Direct X is installed? Go to
> Start Run type "dxdiag" without quotes and post back what version is
> installed. (should be 9.0c)
> Run the tests and see how you come out, post back.
> What application are you using to view the videos?
> Hit Control, Alt, Del on your keyboard, look at the processes &
> performance tabs, what is using the most resources?
> Thanks,
> Treeman


Re: Jerky Video Files