RE: Windows Media Player errors

07-09-2005, 10:59 PM
I keep getting some music files with The input media format is invalid. why
is this as I have had this happen before to me.

After I have finished getting the song I would try to play and it wouldn't,
then I would messaged the person I got it from and ask them if they could
check and see if it plays for them in their WMP and it does. I have
redownloaded windows media player and it still won't play..

can any one help?

Thanks, Kind

"Barbara" wrote:

> I am also having issues playing my files.
> I get two errors consecutively one is a explorers error and then right after
> that the windows media player error comes on.
> The only difference i can tell from the mpeg files it does play to the ones
> it refuses to play are the Bit Rate, Data Rate and Video Sample Sizes. The
> files that work have bit rate at 284 kps, data rate is 138kkbps, and the
> Video sample size is 12 bit. The files that don't work have bit rate at
> 56kps, data rate at 36kbps and data sample size at 24 bit.
> Any suggestions would be great-not too technical please! Thanks

RE: Windows Media Player errors