Re: Firewire DV transfer, resulting DV avi file capture and playback issue.

07-09-2005, 10:58 PM
Well, wanted to post my findings. I saw an odd SCSI entry in my device
manager listing. Googled it and found it is part of Alcohol 120% burning
software package. So for kicks, I uninstalled it, rebooted, and now on my
desktop with SP2, my DV avi captures are no longer corrupted.

As an overview, My camcorder would be detected just fine, I can control it
fine and even the live capture preview video and audio was fine, but the
resulting avi file was always getting corrupted. Now with Alcohol 120%
uninstalled, the files capture fine.

Though I don't have Alcohol 120% on my SP2 laptop, so I am still trying to
figure out why it has the same exact issue on it.

Here is a download fix from Microsoft that helped some people, but had
nothing to do with my issue. But it's a good fix anyways because MS was lame
and slowed down the firewire port with SP2. Read it.

"Tester" <> wrote in message
> Firewire DV transfer, resulting DV avi file capture and playback issue.
> Camcorder works fine at work on an XP Pro SP2 desktop.
> At home I have an XP Home SP2 laptop and an XP Pro SP2 desktop with
> firewire. They used to capture just fine before SP2, but since it works at
> the office with SP2, I don't think it's that.
> When I capture, it recognizing the camacorder the same as at the office,
> an "AVC Compliant DV Camcorder". I can control the camcorder just fine and
> the live video and audio preview is fine as well. But even though I don't
> get dropped frames, I noticed that at home, the timeline pauses every few
> seconds or so. And when I try to playback the video the audio is slightly
> choppy and the Video is a frozen garbbled mess that doesn't really change.
> I always capture in standard NTSC DV AVI for editing and export to DV tape
> and DVD.
> I thought it was SP2, since I haven't used it since installing SP2. But it
> works at the office with SP2 and it does capture and the live preview is
> fine. It's just the resulting file seems messed up. I should probably try
> bringing the resulting file here to work and see if it plays fine here at
> work. Maybe it's just a playback issue and the file is actually just fine.
> Any ideas until that test?

Re: Firewire DV transfer, resulting DV avi file capture and playback issue.