RE: Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10

07-09-2005, 10:57 PM
I do not think hat MicroSft offers any type of upgrade for anyone. I have MS
Digital Image Suite 10 and like it. I also use Photoshop and Ulead
Photoimpact. I will probably not get the Digital Image 2006 since there is no
upgrade path available. I need to purchase the whole program without any idea
that this is an upgrade from DI10. I had Digital Image 9 and only purchased
DI10 when I could get a double rebate that brought the price down to what
should be an upgrade price.

Based on the fact that there never was an upgrade offered for purchasers of
DI9 going to DI10, I don't expect that Micro$oft will offer anything for
those who actually purchased earlier versions of Digital Image suites to go
to Digital Inmage Suite 2006.

M$ seem to be rather apathetic about previous users of their products.

"walt" wrote:

> Does anyone know if Microsoft offers a competive upgrade for Microsoft
> Digital Image Suite 10 from another similar program or where is the best
> place to purchase Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10 for the best price.

RE: Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10