Camcorder problem

07-09-2005, 10:56 PM
Hi John and Nigella

I have just the same problem as Nigella in that my camcorder is coming up
with the same error. The driver cannot be installed because it is either not
digitally signed or not signed in appropriate manner contact your hard ware

Windows error message - Movie Maker 'An interface has too manymethods to
fire events from. I did ignore the warning and installed the drivers and
have had to use Systems Restore. I did notice in my manual that it state
that to view the video clips my PC should only be used on Movie Maker 6.4 my
Windows Movie Maker has 5.1 installed. I have looked on the MSN support
website but like Nigella I am a novice and have found it all confusing.

My camcorder takes stills and it has a SD Card the photos are captured on
the Movie Maker and I can send emails, but disappointed with the video.



Camcorder problem