Re: Why is thumbnail in landscape?

Gregg Rivers [MSFT]
07-09-2005, 10:56 PM
Hello Terry,

Was the Explorer window open when the picture was rotated? What program was
used to rotate the picture? What view is the Explorer window displaying
thumbs in (filmstrip, thumbnails, tiles, etc)? In looking at this issue,
the thumbnail was rotated either when I used Explorer to do the rotate or
when I launched Windows Picture and Fax Viewer from Explorer to do the

Gregg Rivers [MSFT]

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"Terry Pinnell" <> wrote in message
> Terry Pinnell <> wrote:
>>Terry Pinnell <> wrote:
>>>I have a photo of a baby taken lying down, but I've since rotated it
>>>90 deg for more convenient viewing. Yet in a My Computer folder its
>>>thumbnail is shown in landscape mode, i.e. lying down. The status bar
>>>information contradicts this by showing 594 x 925, and when opened in
>>>any of several image viewers/editors, the photo is correctly displayed
>>>in portrait mode, i.e. with the head at the top.
>>>What can make the thumbnail display incorrectly please?
>>OK, thanks, minutes later I found the cause! But must say I find it
>>odd to have to refresh thumbnails manually. At the very least, I'd
>>have expected them to get refreshed either every time I used F5 to
>>Refresh the whole folder (which I'm in the habit of doing regularly),
>>or every time the folder is opened.
>>Or is there some point I'm missing here? Would anyone ever *not* want
>>thumbnails to have same orientation as the actual picture?
> No one from MS here with any view on this please? IMO, it's a design
> flaw. All my image browsers immediately reflect such edits and change
> the thumbnail. Don't see any reason why Explorer/My Computer doesn't
> do that, at the very least after a simple Refresh (F5). What added
> value is there in a 'Refresh Thumbnail' command?
> --
> Terry, West Sussex, UK

Re: Why is thumbnail in landscape?