Re: Clear history of Fax and Picture Viewer

07-09-2005, 10:56 PM
I got so annoyed by the posters making weak, feeble attempts to solve
this problem, I had to post the actual solution.

Anonymous was close. Here's how to solve it.

When you open an attachment from Outlook, this file resides in a
temporary folder call OLK1, which is under the Temporary Internet Files
folder. Now you cannot directly browse the contents of this folder
through Explorer. It's dynamic. If you've looked at a picture from
Outlook, then deleted the email, that picture will stay in that folder.
What you can do to clear those out is this:

Open up a PowerPoint presentation as an Outlook Attachment. Click on
File, Save As. In the Save As window, you should notice that you are
now in the OLK1 folder. Click on "Files of Type" and change the
extension to *.jpg. You will now see all the jpg pictures that exist
in this OLK1 folder. Right-click and delete each one that you don't
want to be seen anymore.

Problem solved.

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Re: Clear history of Fax and Picture Viewer