Re: Photo story 3 sound quality

Gregg Rivers [MSFT]
07-09-2005, 10:55 PM

Can you tell us more about what you're doing when you notice the poor sound
quality? Are you creating your own music or using existing music files
(wmv, mp3)? Is it only when playing back within Photo Story or after the
Photo Story has been created? Can you play other music files on your PC
outside of PhotoStory and do they sound ok?

I only saw one KB article
(;en-us;894743) but I don't
know if it applies to your issue or not. Might want to check it out though.

Gregg Rivers [MSFT]

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"re" <> wrote in message
> The audio sound quality is really bad. I don't know why. Can anyone help
> me? It sounds like a lot of static.--
> Re

Re: Photo story 3 sound quality