Re: duplicate photos

Yves Alarie
07-09-2005, 10:55 PM
Search for photos and delete duplicates if needed.

Right click on a photo taken with your camera. Then click on
Properties>Summary Tab>Advanced. You will see a list of image properties and
their values. XP can search on some of the values listed there.

Write down the camera model as listed there and close everything.

Click on Start>Search>Photos and type in the camera model in the textbox and
click on Search.

This will return all photos taken by this camera in the Result window.

Change the View of this window from Thumbnails to Details.

Right click on the column header Name in the Details view. A menu will open.
Click on Moore at the bottom. Then click on Date Picture Taken. This will
add the column Date Picture Taken in the Details view. You now want to list
the photos by Date Picture Taken instead of by Name (the default). To do
this Click on the column header Date Picture Taken. This will list the file
in chronological order with the Date and time of day.

If you have duplicates, they will have the exact same date and time and you
will see this as you look down the list, and they will also have the exact
same file size. You can now start deleting the duplicates from the folder
you want since the folder location is also given in the Details view of your
search results. When you delete, hold the Shift key down as you press the
Delete key. This prevents the file from going to your Recycle bin.

"deniz" <> wrote in message
> can someone please tell me the easiest way to find duplicate photos and
> delete them i seem to have a lot of the same photos

Re: duplicate photos