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07-09-2005, 10:53 PM
Galley wrote:
> On Thu, 5 May 2005 16:57:42 -0700, "VVN44" <>
> spewed forth these words of wisdom:
> >I have a Digitalway MPIO 256 player. i loaded the MPIO Software and am trying
> >to transfer songs in my Library but i keep getting an error message that says
> >another copy of MPIO is in use. This is a new Dell 8400 and i loaded all the
> >software that came with it, however MPIO was not in that package. So when i
> >loaded the MPIO manager 2 software i shouldn't have had a conflict.
> >Any help out there?
> You might also try the plug-in found in RealPlayer 10.5. My daughter has the
> MPIO FL100, and she prefers to use RealPlayer to transfer songs.
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This problem is caused by Dell Musicmatch Jukebox, probably version 10.
By default some of it's associated processes are started at boot time,
and one of them in particular does not get along with the MPIO Manager
software. If you open the task list you will see "mim.exe" running.
If you kill it, you should be able to start up MPIO Manager. However,
Musicmatch seems to occasionally start up this process too, haven't
checked into it much, but if you access your portable device in
the process will definitely be started (if it is already running you
the same error from Musicmatch when you try to access portable device).

To avoid most occurances, modify your startup so that the Musicmatch
programs are not executed:
msconfig: enter
Click on startup tab
uncheck the item "mimboot"

Next time you boot, the mim.exe process will not be
running. If you get the problem again, kill mim.exe
in the task manager.


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