RE: horrific sounds

07-09-2005, 10:53 PM
Hi Roger,
I have this same problem. I've had it since I bought the computer and I've
taken my computer to a licensed Toshiba repair center and they swapped out
the speakers and the system board but the problem still exists. I've gone
through all of the Diagnostics MS has and have done everything they suggest
including updating drives, and slowing down the sound, but to no avail same
problem. Every thing sounds like the person singing/speaking has just sucked
in a ton of helium.

Did you ever get a solution? If so, can you share it?? Toshiba refuses to
give me a new computer unless I leave it at an "Expert" service center for a
minimum of 10 days which I can't afford to do as this is my work computer.

Appreciate your reply
Bob A.

"roger" wrote:

> I got a new pentium 4 with 3.2 gig 1gig memory, 250 mg harddrive, it used to
> just scream a few months ago than , on morning about a month ago, I booted
> and now my
> audio sounds like your playing a 45 record at 78 speed or if you sucked on a
> helium
> ballon , then starting talking. It wierd I'v never seen it before or any of
> my contacts were not able to fix it. I had a tech from gateway on remote
> assistant and she could not solve the problem. She told me to do a clean
> install , which is not an option at this time. I'v tried all the
> troubleshooters and made sure all my drivers are up to date. i dont know what
> else to do .
> I use XP home edition, i need an expert, because im sure im not the only
> person to have ever had this problem. I also tried to go back to a time when
> the machine was working great with a restore point and still no luck. At this
> point i will try anything but a clean install. I cannot backup my audio files
> because there all sound speedy, helium like, so i will lose a lot og money if
> i try a new install.
> roger
> --
> please help me !!

RE: horrific sounds