MSN Messenger 7.0 - Webcam Settings problem

07-09-2005, 10:49 PM
Hi, I have a problem with the Webcam Settings for MSN Messenger 7.0

Since I had to re-install Windows XP completely (after losing
everything on PC after BIG crash), I havenít been able to use the
Webcam Settings in the Tools section of Messenger, with it not
letting me see any pic from my webcam or change any of the
picutre/brightness/contrast etc settings. I can use the Audio/Video
Tuning Wizard with no problems.

Iím using a Trust 320 webcam & have installed the latest drivers for
it a few times, as well as re-installed Messenger 7.0 to check that
wasnít the problem.

I really donít know what else to do! Any ideas?

Many thanks

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MSN Messenger 7.0 - Webcam Settings problem