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07-09-2005, 10:49 PM
'Jonathan Kay [MVP Wrote:
> ']Greetings,
> Could you click the Help menu, then About, and indicate which version
> you're using (like
> 4.7.0204)?
> Regardless, you can try downloading the latest from he
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> "pgbery" wrote in message
> Hi!
> Whenever I try to "Sign in" and open Windows Messenger (Version 4.7)
> on
> my computer which has Windows XP, I get the following loop:
> 1. Up comes a window with a message saying, "A newer version is
> availeable...
> 2. Download latest version
> 3. A Security warning window shows ref. Hotfix KB887472
> 4. Then its click here to sign in.
> 5. The "Signing in" process starts again and back to number 1
> again.
> I am unable to use a Webcam because of this problem.
> Can anyone please help!
> Pgbery
> --
> pgbery-

Thank you Jonathan for your help, but I still have a problem.
I have downloaded Windows Messenger 5.1 as suggested.

Now, when I double click on the Messenger icon (in desktop) I get a
window showing the following:
"Repair or Remove Installation" - options are: Repair

I subsequently clicked on "Repair" and installing begins and finishes.

This "Repair" and "Remove" keeps happening whenever I double click on
the Messenger icon (a loop).

I don't seem to be getting very far with Messenger (and my Webcam).

Can you help?


Windows messenger