Constanly getting 'Acquiring network address' message after installing SP2.

07-10-2005, 11:35 AM

I recently got a friend up and running on a wireless network at home, and
everything works well.

I installed SP2 on his XP Home machine, and everything was fine.

When he got to work and plugged into his office LAN (not wireless) he
started experiencing frequent network disconnects.

I went to have a look and saw that he was getting a 'Acquiring network
address' icon and message popping up on his task bar every few seconds.

Now, his office network uses DHCP, and I can see that he does get a valid IP
with a lease expriring in the future. And he does get a network connection
and can browse the net/check mail for a few seconds before he gets a
'Acquiring network address' message and his network connection is

So, he appears to get a valid IP and connection, but for some reason it is
resetting every few seconds.

I've googled this and a few others have reported similar issues with no
definitive solution.

Short of doing a repair-install of windows, is anyone aware of this problem
and a fix?

He is also running Norton Antivirus software which I have strongly urged him
to get rid of.

Thanks for any help,


Constanly getting 'Acquiring network address' message after installing SP2.