Hard Disc Testing: Command Line Options

John Latter
07-10-2005, 10:35 AM

I've downloaded Seatools to test my HDD but the program hangs whenever
I run the boot CD.

In the help file it says:

"J. Command Line Options
To restart SeaTools on the RAM drive from the command line use:
seatools /ve:32

/GRAPHICSFIX - some graphics cards give problems during the
display of progress and horizontal scroll bars. This switch
uses a different style progress bar and disables the horizontal
scroll bar on the trees. Without doing this, there
is either a crash or a hang.
seatools /GRAPHICSFIX /ve:32 (video mode must be last on the

/FIXALL to pre-approve writing zeros to any bad sectors that
may be detected during the long test scan. Starts automatically
and assumes all drives. Provides unattended repair. Do not
use this option if you have to protect critical data.

/ve:32 video mode for 800x600 resolution, 256 colors
/ve:31 for 640x480

How do I access the command line while the boot CD is running?
(or do I do it while windows is still running? dunno much about this



John Latter

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Hard Disc Testing: Command Line Options