Dave Neve
07-10-2005, 10:34 AM

I'm useless on Networks and workgroups so patience please

I have installed Hamachi on my computer (a type of private P2P software)

To get it to work, I also had to create a local Network.

While creating the local network one of the instructions were as follows.

"From now on keep on going 'next' and select the Hamachi virtual adapter as
your network connection."

But the option never came up and the Network was created anyway.

So now I'd like to get into the properties of the Network or delete it and
start again.

But when I right click on the Network, I only get a 'General' Tab which says
'Microsoft Local Nretwork'

No way to see properties or to delete.

Can anyone help please in configuring or deleting a Local Network?

Thanks in advance

Dave Neve