Re: unregmp2.exe error during install/repair

07-10-2005, 03:19 AM
stereocm wrote:
> *Clicking on it and walking away for 10 minutes didn't work for me
> but clicking on it repeateadly for 40 seconds did work. Go figure.
> Ok just checked the computer again and got the blue screen of death.
> "A problem has been detect and windows has been shut down to prevent
> problems to your computer."
> I'll try reinstalling again I suppose. *

I have the same problem with the blue screen of death.

I was running a repair installation of XP pro on my PC because of the
problem listed here:

I had followed those steps to fix it. It got rid of the error prompt,
but I instead got another error that said something like "the
instruction at "#x######" referenced memory at "#x#####" ..." It
forced me to restart.

I got the unregmp2.exe error which is how I found this discussion. Had
to click it 100+ times. And now the blue screen of death, forced to
shut Windows down error. I realllllly need help with this; I've never
had any problems like this on my PC before. Hadn't changed anything on
it recently.

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Re: unregmp2.exe error during install/repair