Duplicate XP installation on second computer

Gerald Fay
07-10-2005, 03:19 AM
I recently purchased another computer for a second
workstation. Both computers are the same make and model
(Compaq) both come with XP Professional they will be on
a Windows Server network with 6 other computers and the

The first workstation has been up and running for
several months. It has a number of programs which I will
need to be set up exactly the same way on the second

Installing XP pro and the 5 programs I use will take
hours as database programs use Mapped drives and the
Borland BDE which requires duplicating . Cloning the
image (with Acronis True Image) to the second computer
would only take 6 minutes. I would obviously change the
computer name on the second machine when the image is
restored. Are there problems with doing this on a
Windows Server network?

Do I need to run Sysprep on the first machine before
cloning (ie change the SID)?

If so which parameter do I use for Sysprep?


Duplicate XP installation on second computer