Re: Windows Messenger Media Encryption

Roland Knoerl
07-09-2005, 10:48 PM
Hello all,
encryption makes sense,
but I don´t know how to force Messenger to use encryption.
I´m pretty sure, that I can do this with a GPO, but I don´t know which value
is responsible for that.
I found:
"Require SIP high-security mode"
"Specify encryption for computer-to-computer audio and video calls" .
I set both to enable, but when I trace a voice conversation between two
messenger users, the UDP/RTP packets seems not to be encrypted (Codec 111 is
shown, which might be SIREN.).
Can you give me a definition of these two options?

I´m using TLS for encryption of the signalling and a LCS2003 .

Thanks for help !


"Thomas Wenzl [MVP]" schrieb:

> chk wrote:
> > Hm, 56bit DES ... not quite impressive. :)
> > Does it conform to the SRTP standard, meaning is it
> > compatible with over SIP devices ?
> I guess not, but I don't know for sure. The RTC
> Protocols and Technologies doc doesn't mention
> SRTP in any way and I also don't remeber any
> note on the NetMeeting documentation.
> Regards
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Re: Windows Messenger Media Encryption