RE: Windows 2000 and Windows XP Image Deployment

07-10-2005, 03:16 AM

It's probably asking for a file called OWC11.msi (Office 2003). In my case,
I copied the file from the CD and put it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft
Office\OWC11.msi so that when it asks for the file, I can point it to there.
After the first person (usually me) uses a Microsoft Office application for
the first time, it'll navigate to there on it's own. The first person will
have to navigate there themselves (that's why I try to be the first one since
I know where the file is.

Hope this works for you.


"Vinh Le" wrote:

> Hi,
> I just joined a new software company and were assigned a project to refine
> the current existing W2K, W2K/Linux, and W2K/Linux/ESX images. In addition,
> we are moving torward Windows XP Professional as a newer OS image. Since I
> am working with both W2K and XP images, I thought the XP forum would be a
> better place to place my questions.
> The company preferred desktop/laptop/server are all Dell's. Most of all the
> pre-installed software that come with the Latitude D400 laptop and the
> Precision Workstation 370 are Windows XP Professional. With this information
> I would like to ask the forum advice on a few concerns and issues I am facing
> with the imaging process.
> 1. Licensing... I would like to know does the pre-installed Windows XP Pro
> installed by Dell is a fully licensed copy? If so, when I create and
> deployed WinXP images, how would this affect the software licensing and
> activation process? Each machine does have it's own CD-KEY label attatch to
> the machine. But within the image, I can only input one valid CD-KEY.
> 2. On my first trial run creating the Windows 2000 and XP images... I
> build up a base installed of the OS, applied all of Microsoft security
> updates and Windows updates. I also include Microsoft Office 2000 Premium on
> the W2K image, and Microsoft Office 2003 Professional on the XP image. I
> then use the Setupmgr.exe and Sysprep.exe to configure for reset the SID
> prior to using Ghost Corporate Edition v8.0 to create the backup base images
> for deployment. On my first test of deployment, which was sucessful, I
> notice one thing that happen that I like to know how to resolve. When you
> execute any of the Office application for the first time, Windows asked for
> the orginal installation file location to continue the setup. This is where
> I need advice on. I taken that since Sysprep.exe has reseal the SID and a
> new one was generated, the Office program were too affected? If so, has
> anyone have any tips on how this problem can be configure so that it would
> not ask for the installation CD?
> 3. At this time, the image I have created are very basic, which mean that I
> did not get into the more Advanced options in Sysprep. The advanced features
> I am interested in knowing more about are:
> a. Automating the network driver installs. Does this involve calling to a
> scripts file, and also have to configure execution startup within Active
> Directory?
> b. Automating network scripts to generate user's environment pertaining to
> their login ID, such as configuring network mapped drive, Outlook Exchange's
> server's setting.
> I know that I am asking for a lot of information :-) But if anyone how has
> comments or tips, or just simply point me to a Microsoft support article, I
> would greatly appreciated!
> Best Regards,
> Vinh Le
> ESS Support Technician

RE: Windows 2000 and Windows XP Image Deployment