Re: RIS problem Windows 2003 after service pack 1 is applied

Holger Schaal
07-10-2005, 03:16 AM
Hi Koekie,

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> I have here some trouble with our ris setup (Windows XP SP2) after
> applying Windows 2003 SP1 to our RIS server. I get the folowwing error
> again, in the past the fix from KB article Q823658 solved this
> problem, but the patch won't apply after SP1 anymore. The binlsvc.dll
> form SP1 has a higher version number then the one in the patch
> mentioned.
> The operating system image you selected does not contain the necessary
> drivers for your network adapter. Try selecting a different operating
> system image. If the problem persists, contact your administrator.
> Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.
> Does anyone have a solution which is different from removing service
> pack 1?

-- I just found out how to solve our problems: in the past I replaced the
original Windows XP SP2 driver for Intel Gigabit Adapters with one from
the Intel Homepage - but tried to install a Dell PC with Intel LOM (LAN
on motherboard). Until Windows 2003 SP1 this worked for us - and we could
install with the actual files from Intel every desktop having an Intel
NIC - but now we have to use the original Dell Intel LOM drivers - then
it works with W2k3 SP1 AND the Dell PC - but these drivers are a little
bit old (E1000325.sys and .inf is time-stamped with 2003/11/07 :-( ) - so
it will be a problem with other desktops, using a more recent card ...

Holger - further looking for a better solution ...

Re: RIS problem Windows 2003 after service pack 1 is applied