SP2 Group Policy Install Says It Worked, But It Didn't!

07-10-2005, 03:15 AM
I have several client computers running Windows XP Pro SP1. I want to apply
SP2 through Group Policy. I have created the policy and distribution point,
and for SOME workstations, it works fine. For others, however, the software
installation starts upon boot-up, runs for a few minutes, and then stops.
When I check the event log, it reports that the service pack 2 installed
correctly (but it's not there). When I look in the Add/Remove programs list,
it shows SP2 (and if I try to uninstall it, it warns me that just about
everything on my comptuer may not work if I proceed). When I check the
system Properties, it reports Service Pack 1.

A few significant things,

1. I've got two manufacturers of workstation, and some of both work, and
some of both fail. The software and hardware applications installed are
virtually identical amongst the two models. We run Software Update Services
internally, so all machines have the same patches applied.

2. When the setup fails, although a svcpack.log exists in the c:\windows
directory, it is blank.

3. The workstation with the failed installation appears to have no negative
impact from the exercise, save the fact that it thinks SP2 is installed, but
it's not.

4. I can run the SP2 install manually (update.exe from the distribution
point) and it will work fine.

5. If I uninstall what's listed as SP2 in the add/remove programs list,
upon rebooting the computer, the event log reports the successful
reinstallation of SP2, though it's still not there.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I can't seem to find a
commonality between the machines that fail.

Thanks for your help!

SP2 Group Policy Install Says It Worked, But It Didn't!