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Walter Clayton
07-10-2005, 03:15 AM
You're not the only one with issues around WMP10. ;-)

And yes, I've been around for 25+ years myself and still fling bits. Have to
move into management one of these days, but I still like getting down to
bare metal which leaves the current generation of coders a wee bit confused
at times...

One of the thing that I immediately twig to is some one complaining of high
processor utilization with out any other symptoms. Don't get me started on
queue theory and OS thrashing. ;-)

I'm running WMP10 sans technical issues on four completely diverse platforms
with three running NVida and one running ATI video. However it's a PITA to
use compared to WMP9 and prior. That said, I will not and can not rule out
issues with how WMP10 is reacting with your hardware/software mix, however I
tend to disagree with your diagnosis.

> issue, viewing the WMP 9 video only used maybe 20-30% max. Reimaged with
> WinXP SP2 and Win2k3 SP1, guess what, issues back - so my first logical
> elimination will be the hardware.

This isn't a hardware issue per se. Driver issue I can see, but not pure

What are you using for Anti-Virus?

Walter Clayton
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> Walter,
> I have no issues with Macromedia Flash and/or Shockwave videos as
> mentioned by the OP, but I do have more extreme results with WMP as
> expressed by the OP.
> Responding to your questions:
> What is the problem? Read my post - you may can get a brief synopsis
> here, but more details are in the previous post.
> Do you understand the metric being measured? Yes, my experience includes
> managing networks and application development in a professional capacity
> for some 25+ years now.
> Can you no longer run other programs? yes, all 4 CPU's (HT Enabled) or 2
> CPU's (HT Disabled) are at 100% - unless task manager is up, you can't
> bring it up once a video starts, you must wait until it ends. The machine
> is essentially "locked up" until the video finishes.
> Does video playback stutter? No, it works perfectly, smooth, beautiful and
> real like, on either monitor.
> Can you no longer open other applications? Repeat question, although
> "programs" and "applications" have different meanings, in this situation
> the meaning would by synonymous, where in reality an application is
> something such as MS Office (a related group of programs), where a program
> would be word, excel, outlook etc. I don't tend to run all the MS
> Office Suite (application) programs simultaneously. Maybe word, excel and
> outlook. IIS 6.0, a development version of MS SQL2k SP4 is running, along
> with a firewall, AV software on the Win2k3 side, but I don't even have
> Office, IIS or SQL on the XP side, just a firewall and AV software.
> Does the system become sluggish/unusable? Yes, as stated above, unusable
> to be exact until the video is complete.
> I'm not done with my researching as I was just conversing with the "OP" as
> something may ring a bell between the two of us that could shed some light
> on a possible culprit. I do know one thing, WMP 10 playing a video
> should NOT peg 2xP4 HT Xeons at 100%, especially since this didn't happen
> with WMP 9, a video would barely use maybe 20-30% total of 1 CPU. The
> audio is just fine, it may use 5% of 1 CPU.
> I've the latest NVIDIA drivers loaded for my Quattro Pro4 512MB dual DVI
> video card, I've tried backing up a couple of versions, but either way, it
> boils down to video, but since Win2k3 SP1 and WinXP SP2 both come with WMP
> 10 integrated, there's not much choice in the matter.
> A WMP video being viewed via IE say from MSNBC is in no way as CPU
> intensive as some the examples provided in your feedback especially
> considering the horsepower the machine I'm working with.
> Bottom line there is an issue - I've just not narrowed it down to where
> lies in the culprit, but just for grins and giggles, I verified the
> problem with WMP 10 today, then after ghosting both installations,
> reloaded the last ghost image(s) of each OS (WinXP SP1 and Win2k3) as they
> were I did the clean install of both OS's with integrated SP2 and SP1
> (respective to WinXP and Win2k3), and went back to MSNBC to view the same
> video - guess what, no issue, viewing the WMP 9 video only used maybe
> 20-30% max. Reimaged with WinXP SP2 and Win2k3 SP1, guess what, issues
> back - so my first logical elimination will be the hardware.
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