Re: windows xp re-install

07-10-2005, 03:15 AM
If you didn't elect to delete anything during the install then chances are
you will have the following:

Old files still on disc - Open the "Documents and Settings" folder by going
to C: and look through the folders there. You may see duplicated folder
names with suffixes on - look in the older folders.

No other S/W installed - you have effectively reset windows knowledge of all
installed apps so you will have to install again.

A good method to use is to use the Start -> Search and search for files by
type EG *.doc will find all word documents etc. You can also search by
creation date and other methods. Note that most windows files have specific
dates or are 'quite old' so you can rapidly find most things. Once you find
things you wan tback, you can just drag and drop them to where they belong

- Tim

"ct" <> wrote in message
>I had to recently re-install my xp with service pack 2, i used my original
> with service pack 1 and installed over the existing installation, now I
> can't
> access the information in my old accounts, or applications i had installed

Re: windows xp re-install