ie6 error got to do with security settings?

07-10-2005, 03:08 AM
I am not sure what had happened to the notebk shared with my brother. But I
have the following problems. System: WinXPSP2 home ed.

Last weekend, I cannot login to yahoo mail with the error page stating error
of browser settings. I recalled I did not change anything to ie6. The day
before this, I cannot view messages in the dialogue box of yahoo messenger.

Suddenly, I recalled another browser and installed it. My new browser allows
me to read yahoo mail now. I gotten suspicious and did some basic scan using
tools from mcafee. It found 2 type of worms and delete it. one is W32/Sdbot
and other i cannot recall. Still cannot use IE properly. What is shocking is
the ie6 about dialogue box showed no version name and other info which
normally one can view.

Back in office, I can view my yahoo mail on a win2000 machine using ie6SP1.

Any idea what went wrong and what can be done to rectify the problem?

Btw I do have installed WinXP SP2 before encountering this problem.

ie6 error got to do with security settings?