private folder / XP Home / ext Firewire
07-10-2005, 03:08 AM
Today I shipped my laptop off to get the space bar repaired. Have lots
of backups, plus a last-minute copy to an external Firewire HD. But
when I tried to open a couple of important files, I realized that they
were in private folders. Access denied.

To (perhaps) make it more complicated, I added a node ("notebook") to
the beginning of the path of the copied files on the external HD.

Now, the user name is the same on both systems -- my first and last
name, Edward Reid. But the laptop is XP Pro and the desktop is XP Home.
I have a Home->Pro upgrade sitting here but I neglected to use it
before installing the SP2 upgrade and now it won't work, so to get it
up to Pro I'd have to revert to the original installation and do it in
the right order, and that ain't gonna happen this week or next.

So think I ... what if I restore from the backups? No go. Retrospect
seems to load the files but when I try to open them, they are
zero-length. I haven't yet investigated whether there's a way to get
around this in Retrospect.

Via this newsgroup, I found the description of using Safe Mode to get
to the GUI widgets to change the detailed security settings. Problem is
that XP apparently doesn't load Firewire drivers in Safe Mode -- at any
rate I can't see the external HD in Safe Mode. And of course with
access to the files denied, I can't copy them to the internal HD.

So I also ran across cacls. Now that sounds like what I need. But I
haven't been able to make it work. First I tried setting privileges for
my account, but no matter how I enter it I get "No mapping between
account names and security IDs was done". Can't tell if it's related to
the two-word account name (which I quoted). So I created a new account
named newaccount. I was indeed able to set the privileges for this user
name using cacls (cacls "the.file" /e /g newaccount:f). The response to
"cacls the.file" now looks like


but I still get access denied wherever I try to open the file from.
(Yes, I played around with other variants too, thus the other entries.)

Any ideas? Or do I just have to wait until the laptop gets back? But if
it had been run over by a car, what would I be up against?



private folder / XP Home / ext Firewire