Re: How to save the current state of my XP machine.

07-10-2005, 03:07 AM
As you adviced,... I had used another user account with the same results...
I guess the problem is within the LOCAL_MACHINE>Explorer key...
just as it was the case with the other Windows apps I commented about.

As to spyware and malware viruses, trojans and what not, I have Adaware SE,
Spybot S&D SpywareBlaster, CWShredder and HijackThis and keep them
updated with the latest definitions and versions, and do regular scans with
no results
that are out of the ordinary (they come out clean most of the time).
I have Internet Options set to delete Temporary Internet Files as Internet
closes and is set to accept only session cookies and to delete them also at
My antivirus is set to seek for updates four times a week and to scann the
on a daily basis. In other words, when it comes to security I consider my
system to
be well protected. And BTW I do have a copy of your post from a while back
"Shenan Stanley's Booklet on Security" and have made good use of it. So my
is as far as I can tell, as clean as can be.
As to Add/Remove programs, I do delete unused programs periodically...
and defragment the HD a few time a month. The CHKDISK option, to be honest,
I have not done recently, but will do so next.

As far as the complete registry backup, I do have a complete one I made when
the system was freshly installed and was just wondering if it would be of
any benefit
to use it now, but it was just a slight idea you managed to shake out of my
I allready had some partial idea of what could be expected, but wanted
from an authority on these matters.

As for the fixes I performed to Paint and Excel, I backed up the registry
prior to deleting them, and saved them to text files and latter compared
to the newly created registry keys,.. and boy were they corrupted!...
So I can only imagine if the Explorer registry key being so much larger than
the Paint or Excel keys, and if the size ratio would give some insight on
could be expected, that would make the Explorer key that more corrupted.

What if I were to extract just the Windows Explorer part from the registry
backup and make a .reg file to add to the HKLM\\\Explorer... would this be
a reasonable fix for the frequent Explorer crashes ... and would "combine"
key be the appropriate action.

Thanks for your time.

"Shenan Stanley" <> escribió en el mensaje
> Juan wrote:
> > Shenan, since you are available, would you please respond to this
> > doubt?.... Windows Explorer has been acting up with freequent freezes
> > and I was wondering if deleting it's registry key or part of it, and
> > having it restore itself to default settings,... would this fix the
> > problem?....
> > the reason I ask this, is because I have done repairs such as this on
> > other Windows applications such as Paint and Excel and thought it
> > might also work with the Windows Explorer.
> Wow.. seems a bit risky to me, to be honest. Windows Explorer is - well,
> is Windows.
> My first step in troubleshooting the type of problems you are seeing would
> be to create a new user and try the actions with that user.. I would then
> go through and scan for the normal spyware/malware and viruses/trojans
> followed by Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs and uninstalling unused
> applications. Then I would CHKDSK the entire drive and also defragment..
> If you have the option available, I would make an image of the system
> instead of just backing up the Registry before trying your 'fix'.
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Re: How to save the current state of my XP machine.