Re: AntiSpyware alone sufficient

David H. Lipman
07-10-2005, 03:07 AM
From: "Gerhard" <>

| On my computer are installed (besides the XP firewall), MS AntiSpyware Beta
| 1,
| AVG7.0.308 and
| LavaSoft Adaware 6.
| Do I need all three, or would AntiSpyware do the job alone?
| Thanks in advance, Gerhard

You need to replace Ad-aware6 with Ad-aware SE v1.05. Ad-aware6 is no longer supported nor
updated !

I also suggest you download and use SpyBot Search and Destroy v1.3

The combination of AVg 7.x, Ad-aware and SpyBot S&D should keep you good. However, if you
don't practice Safe Hex, all the software in the world won't help you.

As for MS Anti Spyware. It is a Beta software and I haven't and don't suggest it until it
comes out of Beta status.
In addition, MS Anti Spyware is NOT a substitute for anti virus software.


Re: AntiSpyware alone sufficient