Re: bloated with duplicate/unnecessary files?

07-10-2005, 03:02 AM

Agree, the safest way to protect your system is not to delete files
that you don't understand. So it is recommended to scan My documents
folder for duplicates only as you know what your own files mean to
you. Moreover, NoClone protect system folders to exclude them from
scanning. Try NoClone. NoClone compares duplicate files based on file
contents regardless of file name, she compares file byte by byte.
Unique time-saving Smart Marker filters duplicates for removal.
Preview images and flexible removal/archival options.

P.S. it is recommended to move duplicate files to a temporary folders
for archival before removal.


"Modem Ani" <> wrote in message news:<Otp6YuyTFHA.752@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl>...
> Perhaps you shouldn't assume that something is seriously bloated or useless.
> In general, it's a bad idea to remove things that you don't understand
> because you think they're dross. Trust me on this, or learn the way I did -
> the hard way.
> Modem Ani
> "fhwqads" <> wrote in message
> > After installing service pack 2 and various updates, my Windows directory
> > appears to be seriously bloated with undecipherable directories, duplicate
> > files, and (what I assume to be) useless files. Is there any quick, easy
> way
> > to clear out the dross?
> >
> > . o O (Most irritating.)

Re: bloated with duplicate/unnecessary files?