Re: Virtual Memory Size?

Chris Burson
07-10-2005, 03:02 AM
First, let me post the Family Tree Maker (FTM) support links, which I found
are very difficult to find, being buried deep in the website:

For all FTM versions (and other genealogy programs):

For FTM 9 (incl. some v7 & 8):

For FTM 9 update file:**&p_li=&p_topview=1

For FTM 'resources/memory etc.' error fix:**&p_li=&p_topview=1

Sorry for the long links & list but it's easier to get it all out of the way
in one go. :-)

Next, I need to correct myself slightly: I said the census returns are
available on by subscription, but I they are actually on (& .com).

So, after a lot of poking around, and asking questions here (and I extend my
sincerest thanks to all who contributed - I would not have realised this was
not a pagefile problem without your guidance), I have updated Anna's FTM
(version 9) and have changed the settings mentioned below to solve the "not
enough resources" problem. I have no idea if this is the GDI related problem
that Ron Martell mentioned, but I've pasted the full text below for your
information. Perhaps someone could explain what was happening here!

For what it's worth, one of the tips said to compact the file -
understandably - which Anna did. The family tree file was very nearly 200
MB, and after compacting lost a wholly unimpressive 2 MB: i.e. about 1%!
But, surprisingly, it has speeded up the close-down process of FTM hugely.
Like MS Money, FTM 9 creates a backup every time it shuts down. On Anna's
old laptop, this took several minutes. On her new Dell, it took 30 - 40
seconds before, but now takes perhaps 10 seconds, or less. (What's that all
about?!) And to put the size of that file into some context; in my first
post I joked that the file was nearly as big as the Old Testament. I use the
Libronix software for Bible study and the entire King James Bible, for
instance, is just under 12 MB. (Note that Anna's FTM file has been 20 - 25
years in the making.)

So, here is the solution as listed in the FTM support pages which, so far,
has proved successful:

Q. "Not enough memory or resources" Message While in the View Menu
A. Usually you will receive this message this when you try to scroll down
the View menu. Also, you usually won't be able to see the whole View menu as
it may be cut off about 3/4 of the way down.

What we've found that the cause of this is that your Windows settings for
the Menu bar are too large we need to make them smaller.

Here's what you need to do:

1.. Go to Start and choose Settings and then Control Panel.
2.. Double-click Display.
3.. Click the Appearance tab.
4.. Change the Item to Menu.
Make sure the Menu is set to 18 and the font size is 8. You may also want
to change the font to Arial also if you don't already have it set that way.
5.. Once these changes are made, press OK and try the View menu in Family
Tree Maker.

Well, that's another 1/2 hour wasted! Still, I do appreciate all your help
with this - thanks to everyone. And, in defence of my pagefile policy -
setting the size manually - I thought it was quicker for Windows since the
OS wouldn't have to create a new file every time. Perhaps I am a touch

Anyway, thanks again.


"R. C. White" <> wrote in message
: ... I'm glad to see that you're making progress on solving Anna's
: problem. I also use FTM (version 11, SP2), but not in depth. I'm too
: to pay for all the optional resources, both online and in CDs. So I
: tried the subscription services. So far, I've seen no programming
: with FTM on my machine (AMD 64 3200+ w/1 GB RAM, running WinXP SP2).
: Thanks for the report, and let us know if we can help further.
: RC
: --
: R. C. White, CPA

: > ... First, the problem only occurs when running the
: > genealogy programme Family Tree Maker while accessing
: >
: > ... Family Tree Maker (FTM) suffers other problems,
: > like dialogue boxes which half appear and freeze the programme,
: > so I am now
: > assuming this is specifically an FTM problem.
: >
: > ... I'll investigate
: > further and report back - maybe at the weekend. But thanks to everyone
: > offered input here. I even understood some of it!
: >
: > Cheers,
: >
: > Chris

Re: Virtual Memory Size?